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Indigo Soul-utions
Body Dance


BODY DANCE is an energy experience for everyone, a healing release for all ages. No dance experience required! Originated and presented by Richard Davis.

Dance is about energy -- body movement, letting your life force flow unimpeded. It is healing in body, mind and spirit.

Society structures dance to conform to its own standards and ideals. Western dance uses little motion to the upper body with an extreme being traditional Irish step dancing. Where the body is fixed and the feet and legs do almost all the "dancing" and it is wonderful dancing yet energy is not flowing throughout the body in a balanced, healing way. The dances we do are usually fixed patterns as are the teachings that focus energy, such as Yoga and Tai Chi where you can spend a lifetime practicing fixed moves. There the mind is the central focus, controlling what the body does, not the other way around.

How do we learn to dance? We lean the steps, one two three, one two three ... fixed patterns. Ballet, folk dancing, square dancing, line dancing are fixed patterns that we learn and then we can concentrate on having fun.

African dance gets more of the body and energy flows into it and still is often very structured with group dances following set patterns and rituals.

India and Southeast Asia traditional dances have much more upper body and arm movement yet still very structured requires years of training.

Why is "BODY DANCE" different? It requires no long training or memorization, your body already knows what it needs at any given moment! It is about letting the EGO go and experiencing oneself. It is fun and uses all kinds of music. Each experience is different, depending on the music, your needs and your energy flows and blockages. And there is no need to be self conscious since there is no way you can get it wrong!

Come and experience BODY DANCE and let your energy soar!