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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (pronounced FUNG SHWAY) is the art of placement to create balance, harmony and prosperity in one's environment.

Feng Shui is an Eastern modality originating in China. In recent years, Feng Shui has gained in popularity in the U.S.

Feng Shui deals with the flow of energy in one's environment. Energy is within us and all around us. Energy is everywhere.

In Eastern traditions, energy is referred to as chi, ki, prana or life force. An unobstructed flow of energy is crucial for one's well-being. As we are balanced, we tend to have unobstructed, peaceful surroundings within our home and workplace.

As a person becomes ill, this reflects dis-ease, or improper energy flow within the physical body. Our belongings, whether it be a home, car or office space, are extensions of who we are. We bring blockages there as well.

The function of Feng Shui is to recognize imbalances, bring about cures/remedies for a harmonious, balanced space. The enhanced energy flow in the environment will then foster balance within the human body to restore the client's health.

Who would have a Feng Shui consultation?
* Anyone well or ill wanting to bring about harmony within themselves and their environment.
* Anyone who has recently moved into a space wishing to clear the energy of previous owners.
Feng Shui principles can be brought into one's home as well as work space to create a healing environment, soothing one's nervous system and nourishing one's needs.

The goals of a Feng Shui consultation are to:
* assess areas of imbalance
* balance the pathways of energy
* promote harmony and comfort
* achieve health, happiness and prosperity
* manifest one's goals, hopes and dreams

One is helped by an energetic map to look at all the aspects of one's life.
A Bagua map includes:
1) career
2) knowledge & self-cultivation
3) health & family
4) wealth & prosperity
5) fame & reputation
6) love & marriage
7) creativity & children
8) helpful people & travel
9) center

One has to consider the balance of the nourishing and controlling cycles of the five elements as well.
They include:
* Water nurturing Wood
* Wood feeding Fire
* Fire making Earth
* Earth creating Metal, and
* Metal holding water.
These elements have to be in balance in order for harmony to occur.

The balance can be reestablished by:
1) Setting one's intent by recognizing which area of one's life is off balance. Oftentimes a health issue brings the existence of imbalance to the forefront. Our living space is an extension of ourselves and imbalances in the body show up in what we have accumulated in our home/ work space.
The intention in this case can be: "I am blessed with vibrant health and loving relationships".

2) Removing objects -this is the most difficult task to achieve as we tend to hold onto objects which no longer serve us out of habit not realizing that what we are holding onto are emotions keeping us locked into habits and behaviors that may no longer serve our highest and best good. Energy healing is oftentimes used (with the client's permission) to help the release the old. We carry excess baggage in our body,home, workplace, car and it is expressed as "things" we have accumulated.

3) Moving objects. At times, all that is required is moving objects to improve the flow of energy.

4) Replacing if necessary. In the example of disease, one can use fresh cut flowers, items of colors blue and green, momentos of prior accomplishments, wooden objects to restore the proper flow of energy for health restoration.

Elements are found everywhere in our living/working spaces and within shapes, colors, fabrics, floor coverings.

For instance, the wood element is found in wooden furniture, wooden paneling, siding, roofing, decks, plant based cloth such as cotton and rayon, floral prints found in draperies, wall coverings etc. It is found in artwork of gardens, plants, flowers and in shapes representing columns such as beams, pedestals, poles and stripes.

Feng Shui consultations have been successful in many cases including:
1) Restoring health.
2) Helping soothe a chil's nervous system by bringing in balance with colors and textures.
3) Bringing positive energy into a new home by releasing the stagnant energy left by the prior owners.
4) Enhancing the sale of a home.
5) Improving business sales.
6) Drawing helpful people into one's life.
7) Finding the ideal mate.
8) Uncover new career opportunities.

As a Consultant, my greatest joy is to see how simple changes promote amazing results in people's enjoyment of life.

In November, 2000, Jocelyne's work as a Feng Shui Consultant was featured on Channel 61's "Special Assignment."