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Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

For as long as I can recall, I have been remembering my dreams. Yet, I now realize that it is not so for everyone.

Do we all dream?
* Everyone has the ability to dream.
* Dreams occur during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.
* REM is seen at the beginning and the end of each dream.
* The cycle repeats itself every 90 minutes.
* We can possibly have several dreams a night depending on the number of hours we sleep.
* The consumption of drugs, alcohol, sleeping pills and certain medications such as anti-histamines keep our brain from achieving the brain wave activity for dreams to occur.
* Dream activity is crucial in maintaining our health.

Why dream in the first place?
* The major reason for dreaming is to problem-solve and heal our physical body. Our dreams have a connection to our daily life, our problems and well-being.

* Dreams are very important to our overall senses of balance and health. Test subjects deprived of their their dream-state experienced mental and behavioral abnormalities.

* Oftentimes, during the day, our mind is too cluttered to come up with a solution to a problem. During our dream-state, we allow the judging part of ourselves, the Ego, to literally go to sleep.
* The soul can then emerge to bring to us a solution to our dilemma.

* Many authority figures, parents and teachers do not allow children the full expression of their emotions. For adults, a similar withholding of emotions occurs due to society's rules on appropriate behavior and self-expression.
* As a consequence, unexpressed emotions are bottled up in the body. Dream-time offers the child and adult as well, a "safe" avenue or outlet for our emotions.
* Dreaming allows light to shine clarity onto our problems. It allows us to connect to our innermost wisdom where healing or ways to heal ourselves can surface.

* At times, we may not have the recollection of dreaming yet suddenly get an idea or are inspired when we are faced with the same problem.
* Remembering our dreams, allows the individual to further process the information and bring the wisdom into the awake state.

* Einstein's theory came to him in a dream as did Thomas Edison's knowledge "by focusing on the desired solution whenever he needed new ideas. It is said that at least fifty percent of all creative ideas, art, music, and inventions come from our dreams." (Quote from my favorite dream book : "The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams" by Wilda B. Tanner. ).

Where do I begin?
1) At bedtime, make the intention to remember your dream by stating something like :"Upon waking up, I will remember my dream" and trust that you will. Keep saying it for several nights to train your brain to remember automatically. Eventually, no reminder will be needed.

2) Dreams are best remembered when half awake. Allow yourself a few minutes to recall your dream before fully waking up.

3) Have a dream journal at your bedside. Do "automatic writing". This is accomplished by simply allowing your fingers to write without thoughts interfering. If you stop and think about what you write, the Ego will try to jump in to change some things that you may judge as bad or unwanted in your awareness. Allow the words to flow from your pen.

4) Put your journal aside.

5) Later in the day, read your dream and translate the scenes given to interpret your dream. You may use one of the many dream books available to assist you. Remember that books are simply a guide. In time, you will have your very own interpretation based on your uniqueness.

* You may seek the expertise of someone else to help you gain insight from your dreams. We are a phone call away.

6) Have sweet dreams tonight !!!