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Master Alignment


AN INTRODUCTION TO MASTER ALIGNMENT. If you wish to look at patterns, habits and underlying fears preventing you from enjoying life fully, then read on...

Have You Ever Asked...


- find a partner who will commit?
- earn enough money as a Healer, Artist, or in the work I love?
- fully express myself and / or my feelings?
- make changes in my life easily?
- totally feel "at home" or accepted here?
- be clear and decisive in my choices?
- release outdated anger or resentments?
- find my true purpose in this life?
- effectively heal myself and those I love?
- feel "safe" in the world or in relationships?
- be the success I am capable of being?


- work so hard / take on too much?
- struggle to be heard and understood?
- be so vigilant in avoiding mistakes?
- constantly worry about family and friends?
- repeat the same self-defeating behaviors?
- prove to others how much I know?
- accumulate food, clothing, "things"?
- be critical of imperfections in those I love?
- "hold my ground" or win the argument?
- protect others from seeing the "real me"?


THE MASTER ALIGNMENT WORK by Michelle Andersen/Originator

There are over THREE BILLION units of "information" within the DNA of each cell, yet only 3% of that number is actual genetics: the remaining 97% is labeled "Junk DNA" by Science, which has not yet discovered its meaning or purpose.
However, it is also known that this portion of the DNA contains the patterning characteristics which identify us as unique from other humans.
The simple and profound fact that forms the basis of Master Alignment Work is that the 97% of non-genetic material in the DNA carries recording of all major emotion-laden and survival information from our own experiences as well as those of our ancestors' back 10,000 years!

This "Living Library" contains vast wisdom gleaned from the human experiential history; the data is recorded in the DNA as a means of supporting physical survival. If the body had not adapted such a permanent system of recording wisdom from life challenging events, it would have been necessary for every person in every lifetime to relearn from the beginning what was dangerous or in anyway harmful to one's physical survival. Just as all animals carry knowledge that is termed "instinctual," so, too, does the human body know more than the rational mind, which is a "clean slate" at the start of every life.
The body's survival may depend on this "Living Library." The more the body connects an experience with its need to survive, the greater will be the "charge" associated with its storage of DNA. In all cases that "charge" includes various degrees of fear, which was originally set up in the body for the sole purpose of warning when the physical form was in danger. ALL FEAR IN THE BODY IS ABOUT THE BODY'S NEED TO SURVIVE!

As similar experiences, along with their fear response, continued to be recorded in the DNA, a build up of information occurred; such an accumulation is called a PATTERN. These are holographic in nature - touching into any element of a Pattern will automatically trigger a reaction to the life-and-death fear response generated in the original Causal Moment and in subsequent crises. This reaction is generally beyond the present understanding of the rational mind because it is in, of, from, and for the body! Since the DNA holds imprinted information from our biological heritage as well, theoretically all bodies contain every possible fear / survival Pattern to one degree or another; one person Core Issue, or "ten" on a scale of one-to-ten, can be another's "two" or "seven."

Generally the Patterns addressed within the Body Mind Alignment Healing Session can be characterized as Core Issues; their effect in and throughout the life is painfully apparent to the client. Because these Core Issue Patterns are imprinted in the body and are so
incredibly "charged" with the survival aspect, they are not amenable to change or elimination through natural mental processes. This constantly sets up situations within the life where one may desire to accomplish something, know they have all the ability and training necessary to do so, yet WONDER WHY THEY CANNOT ACT! When it believes that its survival is at stake, the body automatically overrules both the rational mind and one's own heart's desire!

All Core (blocking) Patterns relate to the body's need to survive and are generally caused by historical TRAUMA. Additionally, Patterns are created through CONDITIONING, or by making VOWS. IF one carries DNA fear Patterns related to being punished or killed for "speaking one's truth," for example, it will be almost impossible to perform in public, despite the desire or ability to do so. The body will react with fear levels that border on sheer terror if it "remembers" painful humiliations, or even deaths that occurred as a result of similar activity in the past.

As an example of a VOW, we uncovered a Pattern common to most healers, who, in ancient times, took an oath stating they would "never personally benefit" from Spiritual Healing energies, believing it was necessary to give all such energies to their clients. Today this may prevent them from the "benefit" of receiving equitable financial compensation for their services; disallow the effective assimilation of healing energies themselves; or impede their ability to facilitate healing for loved ones.

A simple example of a CONDITIONING PATTERN involves one carrying cellular memory from a Temple, Convent or Monastery where the body developed a Habit Pattern of awakening at 3:00 AM for religious prayer or ritual. Because it can be painful to awaken abruptly from a sound sleep, the body "trained" itself to awaken automatically to lessen the impact, and it still holds this conditioning to do so. Imprinted in the DNA, this Habit Pattern of waking at 3:00 AM "triggers" when one initiates any high level spiritual practices; the body reasoning that it will again be required to observe the past prayer rituals.

The function of the BodyMind Alignment session is not merely to describe the Core Issue Patterns - it also brings in Fifth Dimensional energies to TRANSMUTE DNA PATTERNING;
thus what the rational mind is unable to reason away can now be fully removed as a block in the life! One need not develop skills to cope with the blockage, it is eliminated through the energetic "rewriting" of outdated information previously stored to the body's DNA for survival purposes.

In the session the client is also trained how to work with "Willingness, Awareness, and Choice" to process from the body its "habit" of believing or acting as if the DNA Pattern is still part of its reality. The timing involved in completing this processing varies with the intensity of the issue being addressed and the amount of prior practice the client has had in clearing such Patterns. We have seen and experienced the complete clearing of a major issue in mere weeks instead of months or years, if the client follows through with Willingness-Awareness-Choice. In addition, one need only receive a single BodyMind Alignment session to be empowered to self-eliminate additional Patterns that are uncovered in the months and years after the individual personal session.

There are several other processes available within the Master Alignment Work. The LEVEL I WORKSHOP, "Transmuting the DNA," uses story, myth and archetypes to assist participants by describing and energetically clearing genetic Patterns common to most persons, such as "the fear of abandonment," "the fear of not being good enough;" or those Patterns associated with the questions listed at the beginning of this Master Alignment Information Brochure. While powerfully efficacious on a range of DNA Pattern issues, the Level I Workshop does not replace the individual Body Mind Alignment Healing Session, which is the basis for all further Master Alignment processing or programs.

The Master Alignment Work both COMPLIMENTS AND SUPPORTS other healing and therapeutic modalities; it does not seek to replace them.

*As the adult undergoes BodyMind Alignment , it allows their children to also clear the patterns held in their body as they hold them in as well from the genes inherited from the parents.
*As high velocity energy is used for this modality, girls must be 15 years of age and boys must be 17.
*It is highly recommended that the parent receive a session first to understand the work and support the child's transformation.

For more information or to schedule a ONE TIME, ONE HOUR BodyMind Alignment Session, call:
Jocelyne Lebowitz Certified Master Alignment Practitioner at (860) 648-1055