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Indigo Soul-utions

Indigo Children/The New Children

Does your child act like a king or has difficulty with being told what to do? Is your job as a parent or teacher challenging, more than most? If yes, then read on. You may be in the company of an Indigo Child.

There are children who do not seem to fit the school systems structure and some are labeled with ADD/ADHD when in fact they may simply have within themselves special gifts and needs which are not being recognized and addressed. Some refer to these children as the New Children.

These children have also been referred to as Indigo Children. Nancy Ann Tappe, PhD, counselor and metaphysician first coined the term "Indigo Children" in her book "Understanding Your life Through Color."

Why the term Indigo? The indigo color is a mixture of Red and Blue. It is the Ray of the Aquarian Age, the soul color. It represents self-mastery, inspiration and integration. It is the most powerful ray in the whole spectrum. Indigo is associated with the pineal gland, the master gland for intuition according to Renee Brodie in "The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls." When one stimulates the pineal gland, one's gifts of clairvoyance (inner sight), clairaudience (inner hearing) and clairsentience (inner touch) develop further. That is why the Indigo children are so aware of and oftentimes oversensitive to their environments.

In 1999, the first book about these children was written by Lee Carroll & Jan Tober, entitled "The Indigo Children The New Kids Have Arrived." Lee & Jan are self-help lecturers and authors. They used their "international base of contacts to collect reports & comments by accredited childrens workers, teachers, Ph.D.s, M.D.s and authors all over the country."

In human history, we have evolved from the agricultural age to the information age as we access a global wealth of information through the Internet. Changes are happening quite rapidly. Educators and writers such as Barbara Ann Brennan speak of our progressing into Homo Spiritus, the next stage of our evolution.

How do Indigo Children fit in? Indigo Children are being sent as our helpers to awaken us to our spiritual potential. "They are a manifestation of humanity's evolution" according to Ryan Maluski Malagara, an adult Indigo who utilizes energy healing to work with these children.

An Indigo Child may display a few or many of the following characteristics:

1. Acts like royalty.
2. Has a feeling of deserving to be here, and is surprised when others dont share that.
3. Has an obvious sense of self. They often tell parents who they are.
4. Has difficulty with absolute authority.
5. Simply will not do certain things they are told to do.
6. Gets frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented requiring little creativity.
7. Often sees better ways of doing things both at home and at school, which makes them seem like system busters.
8. Often exhibit knowledge or wisdom way beyond their immediate experiences of the current life and their chronological age.
9. Seems antisocial unless they are with other Indigos. School is extremely difficult for them socially.
10. Will not respond to guilt discipline.
11. Is not shy in letting you know what they need.
12. Gets bored rather easily with assigned tasks. Seen as a daydreamer.
13. Is particularly creative.
14. Displays intuition.
15. Shows strong empathy to others.
16. Develops abstract thinking very early.
17. Identified or suspected as having ADD/ADHD.
18. Has very old, deep, wise-looking eyes.
19. Demonstrates self-esteem issues.

Others describe the Indigo Children's gifts on three levels:

1) super-intelligent.
The child's IQ is oftentimes found in the genius range. They are easily bored with the educational system as they learn at a faster rate or just may not be interested in a subject. Many educators and doctors misunderstand and classify them as having ADD/ADHD.
2) super-immune.
Some have developed immunity to many diseases including HIV/AIDS.
3) super-psychic. The gifts range from telepathy to moving objects simply by using their mind. These children may be frightening to parents because of their ability to see beyond the third dimensional reality. They may be able to see angels and communicate with their guides and are misdiagnosed by the psychiatric community and given drugs to suppress a natural ability.

We are currently using up to 15% of our brain capacity. Much of the energetic pathways are laying untapped, dormant if you will. For Indigo Children, many of these energetic pathways and doorways are open and are being utilized.

Each stage of development has a set of special needs and skills pertaining to parents and their children. The goal is to raise the child's vibration/ frequency for an easier adaptation making them feel like they belong here.

Ways to help Indigo Children include:
1. Grounding techniques through meaningful and creative rituals, visualizations, by spending time in nature and by bringing nature into your home.
2. Allowing quiet, free time is essential for their mental well-being.
3. Loving Discipline is vital for Indigos. Give the child choices with an explanation of the consequences.
4. Educating your child at home or finding a school open to allowing the child to learn through his own gifts, using their whole brain.
5. Treating nutritional deficiencies and eating wholesome foods.
6. Healing the parent leads to healing the child. Unhealthy relationships place other strains on the family unit.
7. Parents who use a holistic approach are better equipped to handle these children.
8. Learning how the child's body, mind and spirit functions.
9. Trust your intuition as there are so many modalities available as each child is unique, has strong and tenacious desires, needs and tastes. The ultimate goal for any of these modalities entails bringing balance to the child's and family's daily life.
10. Natural remedies work best and include herbs, energy therapies as Indigos are extremely sensitive to energy. They pick up on the energy of others and their environment and take it as their own. They have a hard time knowing the difference between their energy and somebody else's. Reiki energy healing, Holographic sound healing & Feng Shui are ancient arts to bring about balance to the body and the
11. Flood them with love, patience, and harmony and they will blossom endlessly.

Jocelyne Lebowitz is an Advanced Practice RN, Master Alignment Practitioner and Feng Shui consultant. She is raising two Indigo Children. Richard Davis has practiced as a CPA & financial consultant and is a Health Researcher. They are both Indigos and are trained as Reiki Masters, holographic sound healers and metaphysical teachers. They hold workshops on Indigo Children in the Northeast USA. They also work privately with families and individuals.
Parents, teachers, healers, counselors and other professionals have benefitted from attending their workshop.
This article has been accepted for the premier publication of "Single's World" magazine available in Bookstores and Newsstands in March 2001.