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Indigo Soul-utions

Welcome to our healing site !
As we realized that all people have the same potentials, and even more than the Indigo Children have showed us, our focus continues to shift. The world is changing and we must also.

Richard's email is openhealing@aol.com
Indigo Children and those who are their parents, teachers, healers and guides were the original reasons for this site. The article on indigo Children is obsolete with all that has transpired since then.

This site, like myself, has undergone a transformation like a beautiful butterflies emerging from their chrysalis. This site is left intact to honor that growth and to direct others to as they become available.

Most of my work is with energy healing modalities and teaching others, more correctly, "awakening" people to their God given healing abilities both for themselves and for those they Love and care for.

Our aim is to provide the resourses that can assist Parents, Healers, Educators, Relatives and Medical Professionals to better understand and help all people.

All children are special and each is unique and so wonderful. Each has unlimited potential waiting to be unlocked.

It is time to clear away the filters with which we perceive our "reality" and open up our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to their future, our future. Change is here staring us in the face. What can we do to assist the process and help heal the world and each other at the same time?

We feel that all should be allowed to develop to their highest potential, without limitation. It is time to get to work on this... Welcome to the world of the future, it starts now!!!

Enter this site and share in Unconditional Love,

Richard Davis