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Indigo Soul-utions

Are You a Healer?

By Richard Davis

We all have that ability within us waiting to be awakened! Are you ready to test the waters or wanting to take the plunge?

It does not matter what your occupation is or if you function predominately from your left or right brain. Finding your God given healing abilities does not have to be a hard process. They build over time as you do more and more healing work. The speed you learn at is fully under your control.

A simple way to find out what is comfortable to you is to have a healing session in a modality you are drawn to. This can be through our work or any other healer you are comfortable with. Let your own feelings guide you. Read up on various modalities on this and other sites. You may set up a session remotely in any of the modalities we practice. Where you are on this planet does not matter.

Where is the healing energy coming from? Which type feels right for you?

The energy may come solely from the healer and they must replenish what was used. A healer using their own energy can do wonderful healings. They tend to become drained and have to clear themselves of what they pick up from their clients. Some are very empathic and take on your emotions and feelings which again they must clear.

Other modalities use "guides" such as in Reiki. In Reiki, you are given energy "attunements" that allow you to bring in energy to help your client or yourself. Your energy is not doing the healing and you do not take on the clients energy. This is less draining on you and you do not need the time to recharge and clear what is needed by using your own energy. If you wish to learn Reiki there are sure to be teachers within driving distance of you. This is a strong modality and a wonderful first step to learn to open up your abilities.

Some other modalities work using the energy of God/Creator/Source. While we have learned to use both our own energy and that of "guides", we have found that the tools/techniques where one works directly with God/Creator/Source are the most comfortable and deepest healing methods that we use.

What is appropriate for you? Ask questions. Keep an open mind and heart and follow where your heart leads you. You are on a wonderful journey.