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Indigo Soul-utions


And Unconditional Love

To many people "PERFECTION" is the Holy Grail of this lifetime.

What if we were perfect? Think about it, never making mistakes. Never doubting, always knowing. Always having everything we want, when we want it. Always having the exact outcome of whatever we want to do. The perfect body, the perfect job(oops, don't need one, have the perfect amount of money), love ... everything is perfect. We would have our perfect mates (if that is a part of what we see as perfection) who would also think that we were perfect as well as themselves(and we would view them as perfect). Everybody could agree instantly on all things. Perfection is a dream, one that differs from person to person.

Is perfection -- Everything must be done "my" way? I am perfect and therefor no one else can be? Is it trying to make someone conform to our ideals of perfection or they are wrong?

Nobody can ever live up to that view of perfection because we all see things differently, and that is one of the wonders of this world, this reality we were born into. We can never reach perfection "if" it centers around us because it is forcing others to conform to our ideas of perfection. Whether it is religion, government, Love, ourselves or anything else that we see as the perfect form, it will not be to others.

Often other people will view us in a better light than we do ourselves. They look at what is good in us, not what is wrong. If you are looking for things "wrong" you will never be disappointed and never content. A life of judgement.

We would be stuck in the greatest illusion of all. It requires the forcing of our view of perfection on others.


Perfection = Unconditional Love!

With Unconditional Love everything is perfect now, there is no need to change anything. Think how much you can enjoy life, a life without fears! Also, everything can be changed at anytime and that is also OK.

Change itself is perfection!

How can this be? Unconditional Love allows others (and ourselves!!!)to make their own choices, mistakes and allows them the consequences of their actions without fear, judgement nor punishment from us.

Nothing is static, everything is changing. Unless we can view change as perfection, we will always be doubting, fearing and judging all of which only hurts us and others.

You can bring in Unconditional Love momentarily at anytime if you chose. It cannot be held onto. It is an energy that must flow. The "trick" of holding onto it is to let it go! It must flow through you constantly so it will always be there, it does not sit still! It does not belong to you.

There is limitless Unconditional Love to tap into. The only way for it to flow though you is to release your fears, your boundaries, your judgements and know that everything is "perfect" the way it is and every person's choices are "perfect" for them at all times.

You are "PERFECT" Now!

Are you ready for a healing session?

Namaste, Richard Davis