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Indigo Soul-utions

Soul Fragments and Cords

Stop giving away your energy and power to others!

* Do you need to "Break Free" of something?
* Are you drawn to the same people or actions even thought you "KNOW" that this is not good for you?
* Do you feel drawn back to a bad relationship?
* Cannot break drug or other habits?
* Do you feel a person's presence when they are not there?
* Do you feel that you are not all there?
* Are you being pulled into a group and cannot cut the ties?
* Have you been assaulted, sexually or otherwise and cannot get over it?
* Are you bothered by energies that do not belong here?
* Are you experiencing the effects of a "cult"?

You can be experiencing the powerful energy effects of "Soul Fragments" and "Cords"!

Can these be healed? Yes!

We often talk about the bonds between people. How certain people react so strongly to one another. How people control other people. We have many expressions that talk about this:

"I am not myself"
"I cannot get over him/her"
"ties that bind"
"out of control"
"don't know what they are doing"
"how can this happen?"
"split personality"
"being 'drawn' to the wrong person"
"can not break free"
"keeps going back for more punishment"
"they have a strong bond"
"he is holding her back"
"he gets under my skin"
"he is hooked"
"weaving a web"
"I will always obey his/her orders"
"blind followers"
"thoughts that are not your own"
"why did I say that"
"he/she keeps a tight leash"

We talk about them and understand them well enough to recognize some of the effects of Soul Fragments and Cords. We see this all around us! What do we do about them? Usually, absolutely nothing! We keep feeding them energy making them stronger!

What are Soul Fragments?

They are pieces of a persons energy that are not "physically" with them, they are literally, someplace else. Yet, they are still connected to that person by cords. There were reasons for placing them. They assist in bringing people together for whatever purpose. They help the mother and the child bond. Soul fragments usually go two ways, a piece of your energy attached to a person and a piece of their energy attached to you.

What are Cords?

Soul Fragments are connected to you by an "energy cord." You can compare this to a electric cord through which strong energy can flow both ways. Each fragment has cords running to it. Many energy healers cut cords and the cords keep coming back. Why? This can be because of the Soul Fragments! Cords can also attach to other energy in you.

What are the results of returning Soul Fragments and Cords?

When healing soul fragments and cords, God is returning to you, energy that is yours because you asked for it back. Depending on how strong the fragments and cords are, there can be less confusion and more self understanding. There can be more energy in the person since energy is not being drained and also your energy is not being used to counter energy from someone else. It can result in an immediate change. Even more change occurs when soul fragments and cords of other people are returned to them. What the changes are will be different for each of us and depends on how it is affecting us.

During this and all past lives, we experienced strong interactions with many people and places. The stronger the interaction the more energy we can leave behind or have left in us. Physical abuse can leave scars and holes in our energy and permanent (until removed) attachments that will affect us throughout our life! Love also attaches strong nurturing bonds. We can feel that energy enveloping us and it is wonderful! Physical relationships create the quickest and strongest bonds. What happens when Love changes to Fear, Anger and Rage? The attachments remain and that negative energy now flows through to and/or from you!

Mothers usually attach strong soul fragments and cords to protect and assist their children. Yet what happens when the mother will not remove the soul fragments and "cut those cords" and "release" the child as they grow up? If that child is not strong enough to cut those cords a controlling relationship is the end result greatly limiting growth on both sides.

Why do groups turn into cults?

We see in cults that individuals have given up and lost a major part of their free will. There is strong control, literally a web of control. When one person is controlled, that persons energy can be used to assist in controlling more people. Many cults are formed around teachers. Some people have strong beliefs that they must obey their teachers. When taken outside of the classroom this can be the energy that starts a cult. This can be a very seductive path, both for the teacher and the student. For the teacher it is the power to control, for whatever purpose. This is a violation of the students free will and choice. They came together to learn and the end result was a great limitation of growth of both the teacher and the student. The teacher will not learn from the student in this situation yet we have found that students are the strongest teachers of any teacher.

How are soul fragments returned?

The method we use is a part of Theta Healing, a strong healing modality we use and teach. It is using the energy of God's Unconditional Love to restore to you your soul fragments and cords, cleaned of all negative energy and returning to the other person(s) their fragments and cords also cleansed. In Theta Healing all of the work is completed with your full knowledge and permission. All of the work is completed with grace to lessen the impact on you.

We often find that people want all cords and soul fragments that are not theirs removed and all others returned to the "owners" of the fragments. The change is too great to do all at once. Also, some cords are very supportive and are useful in getting past what is happening in your life. We recommend that you first have removed the energy from the most destructive relationships and greatest trauma that you hold onto. This shows you the effects of change on you and you can then choose how to proceed with a base of knowledge.
The fragments may be stuck in you because of lessons you need to learn in this life which the fragments are bringing to you. Do you want to learn the lessons and move on or do you want to remain tied up?

Even deeper than the fragments and cords are the beliefs and other energy that allowed them into you in the first place! The beliefs are programs that, like a computer, are part of your operating system. They literally define who you are. More healing is needed on the beliefs to prevent the other persons energy from returning or picking up more peoples energy. Another opening and anchor to soul fragments and cords is the energy of traumas that are locked within you. These are both Physical and Psychological and they are from your present and past lives as well as those of your ancestors. All are influencing your actions and all can be healed when you choose to do so.

Care to change your life?

Soul Fragments and Cords can be worked on remotely. It does not matter where you are. Call or email us to set up an appointment and create more control over your life!

If you would like to learn how to remove Soul Fragments and Cords, it is a part of our Theta Healing DNA classes. It is important to understand the impact that removing them creates both on you and those you are connected to and for anyone else you work with. Working with God's Unconditional Love gives you full control over what happens to you and your clients have the same control over what happens to them.

Blessings, Richard and Jocelyne