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Indigo Soul-utions


There are many definitions of Karma, some are simple and some complex. The information fills many books. Yet the central point is simple: "What you put out to the universe comes back to you!"

How does this affect us?

What we fear is drawn to us like a magnet! When those fears come up, how do we handle them? With walls and boundaries? With attacks and strong reactions? Or, do we learn from them and let them dissolve away, effortlessly? It is amazing that the method that is so easy on us is by far the hardest to do. To release the patterns requires changing ourselves. Looking at that mirror into our very soul and creating a different reality.

The way Karma affects us depends on our beliefs, which can range from holding Unconditional Love, to believing that when people wrong you they will get the same or worse back 10 times, 100 times or even a million fold! How you want others to be treated is how the universe will affect you!

Why? So that you can experience and learn and get past your fears. All fears present opportunities to change. Change is a choice open to you at any time. Not changing is also a constant series of choices we often find easier because change involves fears that must be overcome.

How does one clear "bad" Karma?

The process can be relatively easy or extremely difficult! It depends on your belief system and how strong the Karmic energy is on what you want to clear. Your thoughts create the reality you experience and how that reality changes. Your belief system is in control! Some believe that Karma can be easily changed. It is making the choice to change and following up on it. Others believe that if you lead a good life, making all the right choices in this life, that in your next life you will have less bad Karma. Why wait that long, change your beliefs now!

Karma is another way of looking at yourself, who you are and why you do certain things. It is your belief system that is full of the energy of events and people as they have interacted with you.

Where does your Karma come from?

In this life it is from your actions and thoughts. That new Karma energy usually builds upon the Karma from your past lives, from your parents and other ancestors as well as your soul. It focuses your life to learn lessons or withdraw from them.

How does one clear Karma?

It may take lifetimes to realize that the patterns you have do not serve your growth and, in fact, harm you! When you want to change and actually do, the Karma can clear and not rebuild. All Karma that is cleared can be re-established by our thoughts, words and deeds.

Karma comes in what I call ropes because on any chain of karmic events. The energies of many people, thoughts and events are intertwined together like a rope. That "rope" may be thin as a thread or thick and strong like a steel cable. The people, thoughts and events can affect many different Karmic ropes in effect linking them together like a three dimensional web. Your core patterns affect you so strongly because they have so many thoughts and events on them tied into many more karmic patterns locking each other together.

Many healing modalities affect Karma on some levels. Each modality is also a belief system heavily influenced by its creators' own boundaries. Only God has no boundaries.
People who are guided to bring in new healing information generally do so because they are most in need of it in their lives. How wonderful that is!

I have been guided during healing sessions to use many techniques to remove and negate Karma.

Richard Davis