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Indigo Soul-utions

Healing Modalities

We offer individual sessions, training and classes to assist your growth and healing process. We are trained in several modalities and bring all of our gifts in a session and when working with students.

We work with people of all ages at any stage of life from birth to dying. Our work is also to help children and those who take care of them. We feel that healing the adult is also healing the child involved. When working with a child, we involve at at least one parent/caretaker in the healing process.

Our healing spaces are in Saint Petersburg FL. To train in St. Pete, please refer to class offerings for specific dates, times and locations. Go to To discuss our traveling to your location, please contact us via email address.

Individual sessions are aimed at facilitating healing on a physical, emotional/mental and spiritual levels to bring the client to optimum health and balanced way of living. Sessions can be done in person or by distance energy work.
The remote healing methods allows us to energetically work with you wherever you are.

For a child, the session may improve their sensory overload and allows them to feel more grounded and relaxed.

Sessions may involve the use of energy healing, visualization, color breath work and/ or toning.

We offer spiritual counseling as many are seeking answers from a challenging life situation.

Some clients come in for a session for maintenance of their well-being or for stress-management whereas others have health/emotional issues or are about to undergo surgery or childbirth. 

Our goal in teaching is to help empower each person as they discover and awaken to their inate abilities.