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Indigo Soul-utions



What is Reiki energy healing?

Reiki(pronounced Ray-Key) means universal life force.
Reiki therapy is a form of natural healing. Reiki is an ancient healing art rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui , a Japanese educator in the 1880's.

Usui training reawakens the individual as a healing channel for the transfer of the vital life force to oneself or the client.

Reiki is simple yet powerful as it assists in physical, mental/emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki has no religious affiliation, is not a religion nor a cult.

A typical session entails discussion of the client's needs and expectations, followed by the healing session. The client is fully clothed and reclines on a massage table although a treatment may be done sitting in a chair or in a hospital bed.

As the energy flows through the Practitioner's hands, it is drawn into the client's body and energy fields. Typically the session begins with the hands touching or above the body starting at the head , then over the chest, abdomen and legs both in the front and back of the body.

Touch is not required for the energy to flow into the client, simply the intention to facilitate the healing process. The energy may be perceived as warmth, coolness, vibration, tingling, magnetic, ripply, nothing at all or a sense of peace.

A session lasts about 30-45 minutes for adults and may be 5-15 minutes for a child.

The effects of Reiki include:
* detoxification as Reiki creates an internal shift that begins a physical, mental and emotional cleansing.
* Balancing as equilibrium is reestablished on all levels, loosening up blocked energy and promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation.
* Revitalizing as Reiki energy supports the body's natural ability to heal itself with additional life force.
* Increases energy levels as a session is like charging a battery and repetition keeps the energy levels high.
* Speeds up healing following an injury or surgery.
* Helps alleviate pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders. It has eased the effects from many types of illnesses both acute and chronic.
* Causes no harm as the Practitioner is guided in the healing process.

Reiki is a wonderful adjunct to any other healing modality - traditional and complimentary.

For those who wish to learn how to practice Reiki for their own healing process and that of their families, we offer
REIKI TRAINING classes as follows:

Introduction to Reiki: this 2 hour presentation includes a meditation, a brief history of Reiki as a healing art, an overview of our energy system (chakras), how energy healing works and the benefits of a session. Participants experience a "mini" Reiki session. This class is optional for those seeking training.
Of note: it is extremely important for parents of Indigo children to learn about the chakra system to better understand their child and themselves.

First Degree Reiki: this day long workshop entails a thorough history of Reiki from its ancient origins and adaptation of this hands-on healing modality to today, learning the hand positions for self healing and to facilitate the healing of others, discussion of the healing benefits for the client and practitioner, the chakra system & auric field, Reiki principles, attunement to awaken one's ability to heal, a full Reiki session as a recipient and a facilitator.

Second Degree Reiki: this workshop incorporates the awakening to 3 ancient, sacred Reiki symbols. One symbol is used to increase the amount of energy one can access for the healing process. Another symbol assists in the gentle release of emotions which are felt to be the "root" cause of many diseases. The third symbol is used to access past& present to heal past issues at their core and thereby heal the present. All three symbols are used for absent healing. Oftentimes, a Practitioner becomes aware of higher guidance at this level. Class time includes practice using all the symbols during Reiki sessions along with sending a distance Reiki healing.

Advanced Reiki training: the practitioner learns an additional symbol to access healing on the spiritual level. The incorporation of crystals to enhance a Reiki session along with setting up one's own crystal grid for personal use and global healing is taught. Reiki moving meditations are learned. Psychic healing is experienced and practiced in this workshop.

Reiki Master / Teacher: this level is for those who wish to teach others the Reiki hands-on healing tradition and in time achieve the Mastership of Reiki healing. Attunement to two additional symbols to be used in the attunement of future students. This class is tailored to the needs of the student and include the business aspect of teaching. This training also entitles the Practitioner to attend all the workshops as teacher-in-training.

NURSES: contact hours are available for the first three levels of Reiki.

CHILDREN have the ability to learn Reiki and can be attuned to the first level as long as an adult in the household also practices Reiki. This is a wonderful way for Indigo children to learn about grounding their energies and bring balance into their life. Attunement to higher levels in children is looked at individually with the family. Special training classes are available for children upon request.

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