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Indigo Soul-utions
Remote Healing


Let us start with the basics and define remote healer. According to the dictionary we have the following meanings:

Remote: distant in space or time or distant in connection or location

Healer: one who assists in healing

Healing: to make or become healthy again

For this site, the meaning of Remote Healer is:

One who assists in the healing of someone at a distance.

Who actually does the healing? God or whatever you call that which created you and our universe. A remote healer may facilitate and witnesses the process. They (as we all may) have other frequencies of energy within themselves and available to them that can create changes within your energy fields/patterns. Some practitioners end up taking on part of your energy that needs to be cleared from you and then have to clear themselves. They can do wonderful healings. Other practitioners, when using guides such as in Reiki, do not normally take on anything from the client since the guides/angels do this for you.

Then there is working through the love of God/Source/All That Is. This is the energy used in most of our work. All the guides assist God in their own ways as part of their own growth process.

Distance is a three dimensional illusion. Remote healing may be done anywhere.

The distance from you can range from just off the body to all the way to the other side of the earth.

It is easy to understand this principle. Just picture the telephone, TV and microwave transmissions. For someone that has never seen TV or a telephone, the reality (to us) is magical to them. Something that travels through the air or through solid wire! Our senses at first tell us this cannot be, yet it is. It challenges everything they were taught and knew yet, once learned, the concept and use thereof become second nature. Remote healing uses many frequencies of energy and is no more magical than TV, radio or telephone!

Everything is energy in one form or another. The building blocks of what we call reality are atoms and various particles that make them up and are free moving. All are defined by science by their energy characteristics and potentials. When it comes down to it all healing is energy healing because everything is energy, even drugs.

How does healing occur? All healing is a rebalancing of the bodys cells and systems regaining their proper functions along with the energies properly balanced. Paracleasus summed it up nicely hundreds of yeas ago. "The job of the Physician is to humor the patient while the body heals itself." It will be the same forever. What assists the body? Certainly humor, Love and your beliefs! Your beliefs can also make you sick and resist the normal healing processes of the body.

There are many modalities that will assist in your healing your own body. Everyone has the God given ability to heal themselves and others. It only takes knowledge, belief and practice, just like someone that never heard of or saw a telephone before can learn to use it without having to fully understand how it works!

Remote healers do not heal you, they send energy that assists you in healing yourself. Healing is a choice on which action is taken, not healing is also a choice that usually is not at the conscious level.

There are many different energy modalities available, each using a part of the total energies in their own way. Each has its own advantages and limitations, therefore learn about them and choose what you feel is the best for you either here or elsewhere. We hope that this site helps you do this.

Reclaim your own power, that which we were all given. Care to experience remote healing for yourself?

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