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Indigo Soul-utions

Students Comments

We thank our students for bringing with them the energy and knowledge they have opened up to and the willingness to drop old boundaries and grow in new directions. We learn so much from our students and honor them for who they are and are becoming.

We hope you will join our growing list of students.

With Love, Jocelyne and Richard

Joan Harovas, West Hartford CT RN -Energy work-eclectic Modalities
"Excellent Course! Discusses in a very clear way information that is incredibly healing and helpful. I would recommend to anyone interested in healing themselves and the people around them."

Liz Blake, Goshen CT RN, TT & Reiki
"Within the scope of the vast amount of presented information is an abundantly warm, safe and accepting environment, which enabled me to be who I am.
Important for me is to know that I have the ability, skills and power, together with God, to heal myself and others with grace and confidence in whatever way is appropriate. I can create desired outcomes which enable life to take directions I desire and choose.
Jocelyne, I admire & thank you for your patience & openness. Richard, Thank you too Liz"

Diane Blaszka, Torrington CT, Accounting, Spiritual Discussion Group.
"When I found out about the DNA Training, it touched my heart because I had been longing for the type of healing that could reverse the aging process and wipe out illness. The DNA classes more than met my expectations. Jocelyne and Richard are teachers that come from a place of Love and grace. They answered our questions and made sure we understood the answers-there was no judgement. They encouraged us every step of the way. It was absolutely the best training? I have ever received."

Cathy Ewing-Rinker South Windsor, CT Psychotherapist, Reiki Master
From DNA I
"Good morning, I just wanted to tell you and Richard again how much I enjoyed the weekend. You know, of course, that there were several times when my old "not good enough" stuff came up; hopefully, to finally leave me for good! The two of you created a very accepting environment, obviously felt by the whole group. I'm happy to say that, after checking the dates for the DNA 2, I am able to attend. Please add my name to the list. Thanks again and I'll talk soon.
Love, Cathy"
"There is a tremendous feeling of safety, acceptance and Love in this workshop. This tone is set by Jocelyne and Richard and evidenced by everyone in the class. The size of the group allows time for questions, sharing etc. I am excited about bringing this work with clients, allowing them to heal without years of therapy or needing to relive traumatic events."

From Judy Webb, Ellington CT Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner.
"The material was covered very well and explained clearly. My expectations were met + plus! There was easy interaction between the speakers and I felt comfortable asking questions. Jocelyne and Richard work very well together and compliment each other. I am excited about all parts of this work, it will make my work and life much easier. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to the next class."

From Franesca DeSeno, Newington CT. Occupation Energy work, Modailites used: Reiki, Theraputic Touch (TT), Consegrity, Counseling, Massage Therapy, Somatics
"The material was taught in an organized, empowering way. I felt that the instructors were really present to us and answered our questions etc. in a loving, clear, helpful way. This course met my expectations. The sharing of knowledge & help went far beyond any course that I have ever taken. We had enough time to practice with each other which gave us more confidence This teaching is done on a soul level opening up our "box" - helping us remember who we truly are & our potential. Thank you Jocelyne & Richard for all the wonderful work you?re doing."

From Heather Turner, South Glastonbury, CT Occupation: Physical Therapist, Integrative Manual Therapy.
"The course and material was very powerful yet very easy to use. The instructors were great, I enjoyed their interaction and how they would add to what the other was saying. There was a lot of practice time which was nice to feel more comfortable with the material. It was a small group, but a warm, intimate, supportive and open group which was a nice way for me to experience this. It is hard to say a favorite part - so I would say I enjoyed the space and the interaction with people in the class and the Orion Healing Technique. I think I will be able to integrate work into my daily practice especially when I feel more comfortable with it and release more of my boundaries"

Annette, RN - Healing modalities: Currently using mostly Consegrity occasionally Process Accupuncture comes in.
"The material covered is facinating & it's wonderful to work on the conscious level with clients. - Also it expands my boundaries even more."

Laura Morris, Wethersfield CT. Occupation, Energy Healing
"This course exceeded my expectations and opened me up to gifts I wasn't aware of. There was a large amount of information to digest, but it was all important to know. My favorite part was meeting our spirits, angels and guides. I can see my future clearly and DNA/Orion will be a part of my practice."