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Indigo Soul-utions
Indigo Children Workshop

Our goal in offering the workshops on "Indigo Children" is to make the participants
aware of the children being born in greater and greater numbers who do not fit
society's "mold".

These children may be seen as SUPER-INTELLIGENT with IQ's beyond normal,
SUPER-IMMUNE where some have shown to be immune to many diseases including
AIDS or SUPER-PSYCHIC where they are telepathic, know when someone is not
operating from loving thoughts and in some cases, use their mind to move physical
objects & promote healing with intention.

Many Indigo Children are (mis)diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

The Indigo's mission is to help us shift our perception of our current reality. They are
here to challenge how we view ourselves and the world. They are here to show us
our potential.

THEY ARE MASTERS IN LITTLE PEOPLE'S BODIES. Many do not want to be here as
they view themselves as different and not fitting in. Yet they are our GIFTS to value
and learn from !!!


1. Learn the significance of Indigo's on Earth today.

2. Understand why these children are different and amazingly wonderful.
Characteristics of Indigo Children are covered.

3. Assist in raising them by acquiring new tools making their life and yours easier.
GROUNDING is a major issue for some of the Indigo Children.

4. Learn how to release boundaries for these children rather than create boundaries.

5. Empower participants in the value of their specific role (parenting,
teaching,healing, counseling) in helping the Indigo's integrate their wisdom into our

In our workshops, we go through all the stages of development from fetus to
adulthood to help the participants recognize the issues at hand along with

We chose the word "soulutions" as these are souls coming into physical bodies here
on a special mission requiring special "soulutions" for their adaptation to our third
dimensional reality.

We discuss soul levels as these are very old souls, for the most part, and hold much
wisdom- at times more aware than their parents and teachers on the workings of
the world.

We, in advertizing these offerings, are finding out who is already recognizing and
helping these children and their families.

Our next workshop is set for January 27,2002 in Vernon CT see our "Classes" page for details

Jocelyne & Richard