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Indigo Soul-utions

May 21 -May 29, 2002

Theta  Command and Serenity Vibration Healing.
Originated by Jill Marie Wood
Richard Davis , now a certified teacher and practitioner of this powerful work wishes to thank all the wonderful healers in Austrilia that he had the honor to learn and work with during the past week. A special thanks to Wendy for sharing her home with me and two others healers. You all made me feel at home and welcome. I will be back!
The reason for the trip was the first Teachers Training in Theta Command DNA work of Jill Marie Wood. This builds upon the foundation of DNA I and II from Vianna Stibal. Richard is now certified to teach these three modalities  that use the Theta brainwave to connect directly to God for healing. In addition, Richard was trained to practice and teach Serenity Vibration Healing.
This speeds up and expands outward from the base of DNA I & II adding many energy tools to accomplish more and deeper healing in a session.
Richard was joined by 23 other healers in this training including two others from the US., Juliette Closset of New York and Eloiwa Defreitas of Idaho.  All three are now certified to teach the Theta Command Class and Serenity Vibration Healing along with our teacher, Jill Marrie Wood. 
On my next trip I plan on taking time to see much more of Australia. From what I saw there is do much diversity to enjoy and experience in OZ.
Namaste, Richard