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Indigo Soul-utions

As we grow, our focus and classes change. All healing modalities contain tools to assist in your healing. Once we had learned many healing modalities we felt that it was the tools that were important, not the Modality.

The boundaries that define any modality slowly blurred and disappeared. At this point in time we are now teaching our own work.

Jocelyne is in CT creating a business in two areas. Sound healing where CD's are available and holding sound healing concerts. The CS's are intended to assist your healing process. She also creates individual CD's that are targeted to your specific healing needs.

Jocelyne is also creating clothing clothing and jewelry. Information on all these and more may be found at her new website.

Jocelyne can be reached at 860-648-1055 or

Richard has developed a course which he will start teaching is September2003

Creating The "I AM"
10 weeks to a NEW YOU!
Stop forcing or being forced through life!
Learn how to replace "Force" with "Power!"
A course of growth created and taught through Richard Davis

Do you want to be a different person? What is stopping you? It is your patterns, beliefs and fears. All can change with few problems with the right tools!

Major changes need time to create a new reality within you. Old beliefs must be looked at, removed and replaced. What anchors those beliefs must also be changed. It requires work to change yet it can be fun and does not have to result in problems along the way. A three day course cannot do what needs time to create. Therefore this course is10 weeks of one evening per week. This gives you time to work through the effects of each weeks changes, creating the base for your next weeks growth!

I have learned and become a teacher/practitioner of many healing modalities. Each modality is a group of tools that one is taught to use. I have combined many tools for your benefit in this course.

The first 5 weeks focuses on those aspects of you that bring down your energy. That create strong problems and disharmony in your life. This clearing of energy is needed to create the clear base for what is to occur in the next 5 weeks.

The second five weeks, while continuing to remove more what was worked on in the first five weeks, is now focused on building up those higher qualities within you that you wish to create.

Understanding Force vs PowerStrong

Force is applied in opposition to something. When in opposition one reacts by trying to force their own beliefs and desires. Force creates the duality we exist in. Power Flows without opposition. When in your power, force sent at you bends and does not affect you as intended. An example of this is Mahatma Ghandi. One man's power forever changed the world by not using force, he stood in his power. It is the space in which you can create your reality in peace, knowing that others cannot affect you against your will.

Bring with you a list of 5 things you wish to change most in your life and 5 things you wish to bring into your life.

Are you ready for huge changes in only 10 weeks? Then Join us on our individual journeys of discovery!

The fee for 10 weeks of LIFE CHANGING FOCUS is only $300 when paid in advance. $325 over 4 weeks when paid in instalments.

I am looking forward to meeting you. Love and Healing, Richard Davis

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