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Indigo Soul-utions
DNA - Theta Healing

DNA - Activations, Healing and Training

We are both Practitioners and Certified Teachers of this modality.

The Orion Healing Technique is a simple and powerful tool to help anyone. It can be done remotely over the phone as easily and effectively as an in person session.

The session is done with the practitioner going into Theta brain waves. (The conscious mind is usually in Beta). As the Theta brain waves of the Practitioner increase, so do the Theta brain waves of the client. This has been proven by scientific testing over and over.

It is on the Theta wave level that the work is completed. The practitioner uses a number of steps to bring themselves into Theta. The practitioner does not heal you, you heal yourself with the assistance of God. The practitioner works with you and God (source, Universal Consciousness) and witnesses the work being done.

What is happening?
We have within us many programs, literally thousands running simultaneously and interconnected. These can be pulled and replaced with something more helpful to you on any of four levels.

1. Core belief - a main belief in this lifetime usually from childhood experiences.
2. Genetic - beliefs carried forward from the past 7 generations.
3. History - this level includes oaths, vows, karmic contracts, trauma, lessons learned from ancestors and past lives you have lived, in a human body, as well as in a "spiritual body".
4. Soul - this is the part of you that continues to live after the human body dies. Beliefs are deeply stored on this level.

A program is both the result of doing things over and over and the cause of continuing to do it. Our fears create patterns to protect us. Many of the fears are not needed any more to assist or they have expanded well past the original need and adversely affect other areas of your life.

Some important information:

It is your choice to select what to work on. The practitioner checks on what is causing the problem and what a potential replacement to the pattern is. You decide what you want to replace and with what.

DNA Activations: (*available to children and adults except for first trimester in pregnancy)

Our life is based on a belief system. It may be time to challenge yours. There is now the potential to rejuvenate our body by connecting our DNA strands properly & healing the current strands damaged by illnesses and blockages. Furthermore, we can connect to our full 12 DNA strands. There are two steps to complete the activations. You sit or lay down in a comfortable position and the work is being done with the practitioner and yourself in theta. You will be told whether both steps can be done at once or will require a second appointment. It is all based on what is the best for your body to release the toxins for the processing to be complete. Usually both steps are completed within a 3 month period. Most of the activations are done in the comfort of your home via telephone. Activations are usually accomplished within 30-60 minutes. Fee: $100/ hour.

It is now time to become aware of who we are and what gifts we have for humanity's awakening.

About the Teachers:
Traditionally, Jocelyne is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Richard's background is that of CPA & financial planner. We are both Reiki Masters, Consegrity Practitioners and certified teachers of Holographic Sound healing and Theta healing. We have held workshops to educate public, parents and professionals about Indigo children.

To schedule your trainingin this modality check our class schedule page. For DNA activations or a Theta Healing session, please call:
Jocelyne Lebowitz (860) 648-1055 email:
or Richard Davis (860) 291-9540 email:

Angelic blessings, Jocelyne & Richard