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Indigo Soul-utions
For DNA I & II Teachers

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For fellow teachers of DNA I and  II we are offering our own manuel which we have put together for our students.  This is a loose leaf binder format orgainized  to teach from and for the student to take notes and follow along. All the training exercises are included and many more pieces of information that add to the class experience.
We have spent over 200 hours of time puting this workbook together in a format that is easy to teach from and your students/practitoners can follow along and quickly refer back to.
The manuel can be edited and changed to meet your own teaching needs and priorities. This will save you a tremendous amount of time in puting your own material together. No need to fully reinvent the wheel.
We have included many pages of practice management to assist in making this an easy business to conduct. These alone are worth the price we are charging.
We have several guidelines on this. That we are given credit for our copyrighted materal. This work may only be reproduced for the students in your classes and not copied for any other reason. That it not be given to another teacher without payment for that right.

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